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  • Fed Up With Losing Your Keys?

    Avoid hazzle and money spent on locksmiths and new keys. With a QR Tag from Deeple you have an 80 per cent chance of getting your keys back again!

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  • Does Your Bike Know Its Way Home?

    When bikes go missing they are often simply misplaced and end up at the other side of town. Apply a QR Tag and get your bike back.

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  • Return a Lost Item & Spread a little Sunshine

    Doing good deeds has never been easier.

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Get lost things back with QR Tags

If you've ever lost one of your belongings you know the agony of retrieving it again. It's either very difficult or impossible.

It needn't be. By putting QR Tags on things like keys, bags, bikes and your iPad, you make it easy for finders to get your things back to you if they get lost. Read more about how Deeple works.

There are a lot of kind people out there that are willing to help your lost things back – maybe more than you think. In Deeple's own small study carried out in Copenhagen,Denmark, 21 out of 25 sets of keys were scanned back by friendly people. Read more

If you come across a lost item carrying a QR Tag yourself, please scan it back.

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How It Works

We Help lost things back

By attaching QR Tags to things like keys, bicycles and luggage, you are making it easy for finders to reach you, should the items go missing.

Finders may scan the QR Tags using a smartphone or alternatively, go online and reach you on Both options work as a direct link to you.

Deeple's platform ensures full anonymity so personal details don't get into the wrong hands. Deeple message on phone


Each Deeple QR Tag contains two unique codes: A QR code and an ID code.

The QR code may be scanned within seconds using a smartphone (iPhone, Android or similar) while the Deeple ID code can be entered online on

frontpage.images.googleMapScreenshot Screenshot: Finder showing item's current location.

Try it out!

See how Deeple looks like for a finder by clicking on the QR code image nearby.

If you don't have a QR scanner installed on your phone, we recommend Google's Barcode Scanner app.

Want to know more?

Please visit our FAQ.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does it Cost?

Deeple QR Tags come in two versions: with a time-limited service period included or with a "lifetime" (unlimited) service period. For time-limited QR Tags, extensions to the service period can be bought at Read on

Will Deeple Tags Prevent Theft?

Probably not on their own.
Deeple QR Tags are mainly designed for situations when the owner accidently forgets or loses his items. To prevent theft...
Read on


Yes. When we fear loosing our things we normally think about theft. However, many times when we forget or drop something, it is picked up by an honest person who wants to help bring it back. Read on


It may sound rather geeky, but at tag is not just a tag. It's durability depends on a lot of factors such as the surface of the item you attach it to, the adhesive of the tags, pressure and material, physical wear and tear, whether the tag is used outdoors or indoors etc. Read on

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